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The Pet Care Blog is SMile4pet’s attempt to share our accumulated experience in the pet care field.

Meta Description: In our blog, you’ll find articles not only about pet dentistry and canine and feline periodontal disease but also about types of allergies, the importance of hygiene, and more.

dogs' long eyelashes

Dogs’ eyelashes

You can’t get eyelashes like that one on from any make-up artist. Some dogs have up to 6.5 inches long eyelashes! How does it happen? Women can spend large sums

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Universal Allergies treatment

Universal Allergies treatment

Part 3 of 3 Dogs allergies universal treatment: Hypoallergenic shampoos Since dogs’ hair is often an accumulator of allergens, bathing at least once every 1-2 weeks, preferably using hypoallergenic shampoos

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Dermatitis on dogs and cats; Food Allergies

Dogs dermatitis

Part 2 of 3; In veterinary practice, type I reactions usually occur, which are realized in stool disorders and atopic (“strange disease” in the Greek language) dermatitis. Dogs dermatitis Such

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What Is A Dachshund

What is a dachshund?

Dashshund is not a dog Constant attention # 1 cure Everyone, young and old, knows the answer to this question. According to the book “The Dachshund: Short Stories of a

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Dogs teeth anatomy

Dog’s Teeth Anatomy

The crown of the dog’s tooth The basic forms of crowns in dogs The root of the dog’s tooth What tooth contains from? Before talking about Dog’s Teeth Anatomy, let’s

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