Cats and 7 common questions about them | part 1

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11 questions about cats

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Why do cats purr, have a rough tongue, and have 11 more questions about our kitties?

Why do cats like to smell valerian root?

There is no exact explanation for why cats love to smell valerian root. But all theories have to do with the proximity of its scent to feline pheromones and feline sex gland secretions.

Why do kitties like boxes?

 Cats like not only boxes but all dark and maximally protected places. This is because cats are evolutionarily non-human creatures (not so much like humans) (not all kitties and not all humans). They prefer to live in secluded places, away from congeners, and with a clear territory. Therefore, every cat in the house must have a place where it can hide and be alone.

Why do cats sleep a lot?

A cat is a nocturnal predator. Physiologically, these animals are active at night or closer to dawn and sleep during the day. So it turns out that the pet sleeps during the day, and at night, disturbing the owner, quickly gets his portion of food and rests again, “having completed the hunt.

Why do cats sleep at their owner’s feet?

 Kitties sleep where they feel safe and still have room to react quickly. The proximity and warmth of the owner are comfort factors.

Why are kitties afraid of water?

 There are no large bodies of water in the habitat of feral cats – they do not need them. Therefore, this is an unfamiliar environment for animals. And, thanks to living close to humans, many pets are very fond of water procedures.

Why are kitties purring?

Scientists still don’t know how cats do it and what organs they use. But the sound of purring is not always a sign of good mood and affection; it often occurs in stressful situations and painful conditions.

And, only domestic kitties purr; no such peculiarity has been revealed in wild kitties. Maybe purring is a way to communicate with people.

Why do cats leave home to die?

 When a cat is in pain and discomfort, it always looks for dark, secluded places. This is how the myth of them leaving home before they die was born. When a cat is in pain, it hides somewhere.