Dog Overheat

Dogs Overheat. Misconceptions. Dog Heat Stroke Protection

There are many misconceptions about how dogs tolerate heat and how they can be helped during dog overheating. So, let’s break it down.

What kind of dog can get heatstroke? Unfortunately, any of them.

Some speeches are more exposed to heatstroke than others:

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Breed predispositions to periodontal disease

Periodontology (part 2)

Periodontal disease occurs in all dog breeds. Some breeds have more predispositions to periodontal disease than others. Giant dog breeds with traditional skull structures very rarely suffer from these diseases.

More offer periodontal disease might occur with:

  • Brachycephalic dogs
  • cocker spaniels
  • toy breeds
  • dwarf dogs
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Dogs’ eyelashes

You can’t get eyelashes like that one on from any make-up artist. Some dogs have up to 6.5 inches long eyelashes! How does it happen?

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Cats and 6 more questions about them? | part 2

Why do cats purr, have a rough tongue; and 11 more questions about our cats?

Why do cats paw their owner?

 Kicking is an instinct. It’s how kittens maul their mother to get a portion of milk. Also, kitties have glands between the pads of their paws, the movement of which produces the smell of the animal.

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