About Smile4pet

Smile4pet provides professional high-quality dental cleanings for dogs & cats of all breeds and sizes.

We are a mobile service and provide services only in veterinary clinics.
In order to book an appointment with a specialist, you can use the contact information on our website or use an online booking service, or you can call reach any of the veterinarian clinics in the list below:

Veterinarian locations: UNDER CONSTRUCTION

We combine high-level medical training of our technicians with specifically developed unique relaxing techniques.


Our highest priority is the safety of the whole process. 

Our hygienists are cleaning both above and below the gum line effectively. 

We provide regular dental hygiene care for your pet without side effects after anesthesia, including elderly pets and breeds who are predisposed to a variety of health disorders.

We believe in “Holistic” (integrative) veterinary medicine. We are sure that maintaining your pet’s oral health does not require sedatives or complete anesthesia.

Primary tool


While having teeth cleaning procedure, our primary tool is a professional veterinarian ultrasonic scaler.

Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth is one of the most modern and safest ways of professional cleaning teeth. It consists of removing plaque and stone from the surface of the tooth enamel with a particular device (ultrasonic scaler) using ultrasonic (high-frequency) vibration on the surface of the tooth.

Cavatron removes any plaque and tartar from teeth surface and restores natural teeth color. This technique does not damage the tooth enamel. Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth is necessary prevention of plaque and tartar, which allows you to maintain healthy teeth and gums.


Smile4pet provides pet teeth polishing after every procedure. Professional dental brushless micromotor with contra-angle handpiece is quiet and can provide excellent final step clean-up. Polished teeth are generating significantly less plaque buildup. 

How we see our role:

Anesthesia-free teeth cleaning service that, in our view, can and should take place in the modern veterinary, as well as human hygiene, pet hygiene can and improve the quality of life of each pet.

Anesthesia-free teeth cleaning Smile4pet

Are all the pets are good candidates for anesthesia-free teeth cleaning?

Although Anesthesia-free is available to all types and sizes of dogs and cats, we would like to single out several groups of dogs for whom oral hygiene can be a better alternative than traditional anesthesia-based one.

  • First (1st) teeth cleaning for young pet (age: 2 – 3,5 years old)
  • Senior pets, for whom anesthesia is too risky
  • Pets that are prone to severe allergic reactions to anesthesia                                                                                 
  • Pets with healthy gingiva & mild to heavy supragingival calculus * 
  • pets with suppressed immune systems, for which anesthesia is a significant risk
  • Pets with stages 0 – 3a periodontal disease (read more about four stages of periodontal diseases), including “high-risk” breeds such as
    • Branches (bulldogs, pugs, boxers, Boston terriers, as well as cats with “pushed in” faces)
    • Sighthounds (greyhound, whippet, Italian greyhound, Afghan hound, Borzoi, Irish wolfhound, and the Saluki)
    • Herding Breeds (Collie, Border collie, Australian shepherd, and the Shelties)
    • Toy Breeds
    • Giant Breeds (Newfoundlands or Great Pyrenees)
    • Doberman Pinscher
    • Boxers Bred

* Pets with healthy gingiva & mild to heavy supragingival calculus. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums. Almost always, it develops with poor oral hygiene or its complete absence. If a dog’s teeth are not brushed daily, tartar will inevitably form, which in later stages provokes the development of Gingivitis. In advanced cases, your pet may need a course of antibiotics. Your veterinarian will need to examine the animal and prescribe appropriate antibiotics before or after teeth cleaning to suppress the ongoing inflammation.


Are anesthesia-free teeth cleaning is a replacement for traditional veterinarian dentistry?

No, it is not. Smile4pet provides hygiene service. We are not veterinarians.

Smile4pet is not providing: 

  • Surgical removal of diseased or overgrown gums
  • Pocket treatment with a periodontics product
  • Guided tissue regeneration surgery
  • Periodontal flap surgery
  • Root planing and subgingival curettage

Customers reviews

What people say?

Such a great service ! Non anesthetic teeth cleaning is so hard to find. He’s so patient with every pet. I watched him clean my Poodle’s, Leo, teeth and he laid there without a fight. The results were also amazing!!.
Lexis Medina
Google profile review
Smile4pet dental tech was super professional, friendly and helpful. My dog is very ansy when it comes to brushing his teeth and dmitrii made sure he was comfortable! Great service and his teeth are sparkling!
Maria Lopez
google profile review
Dental technician do a fantastic job cleaning my dogs teeth without anesthesia free he’s very professional he were come my dog down and then he started cleaning his teeth without any restraints on him or pulling him is unbelievable fantastic job I give them five stars and they are my dentist now for my dog thank you
Makalita Wilson
Google profile review
Smile4pet is very professional. Takes time to explain things, resolve problems. Made house-call a week ago - the company's hygienist was very attentive to my dog, spent extra time to show me how to properly brush her teeth
Ulia Presagnuck
google profile review