Smile4Pet provides professional anesthesia-free teeth cleaning for dogs and cats of all breeds without any sedative, anesthetics, or restraining equipment in Connecticut and the New York States

Smile4Pet anesthesia-free teeth cleaning offers a safe, affordable alternative to standard anesthetic-based cleanings.

Smile4pet does not use towels, leashes, straitjackets, sedatives, painkillers, or anesthesia during anesthesia-free teeth cleaning for dogs and cats.

We combine high-level medical training of our technicians with specifically developed relaxing techniques.

The safety of the procedure is our highest priority.


EXPLORE OUR portfolio

Please explore our “before and after section to find out more about how your pet’s teeth can look like. While performing anesthesia-free teeth cleaning we are taking photos before & after the procedure. If you want to see more photographs or video examples of our work fill free to contact us using our contact form at the contact us page.



Smile4pet anesthesia-free teeth cleaning is the dental hygiene service that specialized in removing plaque, tartar, and heavy teeth build up for dogs & cats​.

Our services are:

  1. Situational consultation
  2. Anesthesia-free Pet Dental Routine oral hygiene 
  3. Anesthesia-free Prophylaxis dental disease
  4. Anesthesia-free Pre-surgical debridement’s
  5. Anesthesia-free Post-surgical aftercare
  6. Anesthesia-free “QofL” (quality of life)
  7. Professional dental polishing 

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Why we are the best?

Safeness and professionalism are out priority. In order to do anesthesia-free teeth cleaning we spend several month in everyday training of your dental technician.  We go through all potential nuances that our dental technician may face with while performing anesthesia-free teeth cleaning for dogs & cats

100% safe

The safety of the procedure is our highest priority. Our hygienists can clean both above and below the gum line effectively. We provide regular dental hygiene care for your pet without side-effects after anesthesia, including elderly pets and breeds who are predisposed to a variety of health disorders. We are working fast and competent.

Unique Technique

We have developed a unique technique and received additional training from the pioneers of this industry. Our team can perform non anesthesia teeth cleaning and hygiene of teeth for dogs and cats of all breeds, types and sizes without anesthesia. We use only professional dental equipment, such as ultrasound scalers, dental polishers, and different kinds of sickle probes.


We believe in the “Holistic” (or integrative) veterinary. We believe that you don’t need sedatives or anesthesia to maintain the oral health of your dog, or cat. The cost of our services is three-time more affordable than an identical anesthesia-based procedure.

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You’re only if anesthesia-free teeth cleaning is done


anesthesia-free teeth cleaning
$ 195
  • Situational consultation
  • Anesthesia Free Pet Dental Cleaning
  • Teeth Polishing


anesthesia-free teeth cleaning
$ 165
  • Situational consultation
  • Anesthesia Free Pet Dental Cleaning
  • Teeth Polishing