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Cats and 7 common questions about them | part 1

11 questions about cats

Why do cats purr, have a rough tongue; and 11 more questions about our kitties?

Why do cats like to smell valerian root?

There is no exact explanation for why cats love to smell valerian root. But all theories have to do with the proximity of its scent to feline pheromones and/or feline sex gland secretions.

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What is a dachshund?

What Is A Dachshund

Everyone, young and old, knows the answer to this question. According to the book “The Dachshund: Short Stories of a Long Dog” by Chapa: “This is the rate for your daily happiness. Frankly clubfoot, short and very long fare.”
If you ask people who know the dachshund well: “What is this?” none (!) of them will tell you: “A dachshund is a dog.”

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