Breed predispositions to periodontal disease

Breed predispositions to periodontal disease

Periodontology (part 2)

Periodontal disease occurs in all dog breeds. Some breeds have more predispositions to periodontal disease than others. Giant dog breeds with traditional skull structures very rarely suffer from these diseases.

More offer periodontal disease might occur with:

  • Brachycephalic dogs
  • cocker spaniels
  • toy breeds
  • dwarf dogs
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Dog’s Teeth Anatomy

Dogs teeth anatomy
  1. The crown of the dog’s tooth
  2. The basic forms of crowns in dogs
  3. The root of the dog’s tooth
  4. What tooth contains from?

Before talking about Dog’s Teeth Anatomy, let’s define what is dog’s teeth are? Teeth are organs of the oral cavity that perform various functions, the main of which is the mechanical processing of food. The general plan of the structure of the teeth is characteristic for both generations (milk and permanent). Anatomically, a crown, neck, and root are distinguished in a tooth.

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Hygiene in veterinary dentistry

Hygiene in veterinary dentistry

90% of dental care in our region comes down to reckless tooth extractions and antibiotics even in our region. That is why it is worth paying extra attention to oral hygiene.
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Tartar buildup on dog’s teeth – 5 reasons why

5 reasons of Tartar buildup on dog’s teeth

5 reasons of Tartar buildup on dog’s teeth

Table of Contents

Appropriate nutrition

All dog’s owners know that your sweet puppies are
descendants of Wolves.

In a wild nature animal use their teeth to hunt. Dogs need canines
to catch their trophies, incisors to tear on the pieces, premolars to chew soft
parts like muscles and partially tendons, and molars to crack bones.

Row food like bones, and other parts of the animal help in
teeth cleaning. At home we usually feed our four-leg friends with any precooked,
or special dog’s food with a softening concentrate, so dogs don’t need long

Dog’s tartar is forming because the lack of natural rubbing of
the solid food against the teeth of the animal.
But it doesn’t mean that
just editing row bones and row food to your dog’s nutrition would fix the
charger problems.

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