What is a dachshund?

What Is A Dachshund

Everyone, young and old, knows the answer to this question. According to the book “The Dachshund: Short Stories of a Long Dog” by Chapa: “This is the rate for your daily happiness. Frankly clubfoot, short and very long fare.”
If you ask people who know the dachshund well: “What is this?” none (!) of them will tell you: “A dachshund is a dog.”
Because a dachshund is not a dog.

This is the first thing that a husband will say to his wife when she wants to buy a dachshund: “Is this a dog ?! Are you sure?” And only in a few years, you would understand that dachshund is not a dog

anything, but not a dog

Because a daschie is anything, but not a dog. This is 20 lb of domestic happiness; this is 1 ton of an alloy of harm and impudence. This is the clatter of claws on the parquet and bass snoring in broad daylight. It is an unspeakable devotion to you, alternating with a commitment to the refrigerator. It is sly playfulness mixed with outright greed. This is tenderness and affection.

This is constant attention: if a dachshund has started up in your house, it means that two shiny black eyes have appeared, which are constantly watching you, no matter what you do. The dachshund watches you even when it sleeps. And she sleeps a lot. She eats a lot and sleeps a lot. In between, she squeaks. The dachshund constantly squeaks when it needs something!

And she always needs something when she is awake or not eating. If monotonous whining is not enough, the dachshund will begin to stamp its clawed paws on your knees. The arsenal of means that the daschie uses to achieve what he wants is beyond description!

Dachshund is a unity of opposites.

She is vital, serious, and focused, ready to fight anyone on the street. And at home is the embodiment of tenderness and affection. She freezes, presses her woolen face to your cheek, to your legs, snores, wrinkles her nose, and affectionately puts on 4 short legs.

Among other things, the dachshund is 3 in 1:

1) Portable: easily fits both on and under the chair.
2) Intellectual: even being under a chair, knows what is happening on the table.
3) Charming: win not only everyone’s attention but also the tidbits.

# 1 cure for loneliness

Dachshund is the # 1 cure for loneliness with a unique set of side effects! She is wholly and entirely human. She gives every cell of herself to us, her every blood, every hair, and she fully lives by us. Therefore, her affection is boundless …

A dachshund is a man! At least she really wants to participate in everything human. And humanly offended if she was driven away. When you begin to lay out the clothes on the drawers, shelves, and bedside tables, each of them will be visited by her nose. She will clean the apartment with you, sneezing furiously at the collected garbage.

And leave marks on the freshly washed floor. If you love culinary art, you have found a friend of your interests – the dachshund thoroughly knows the contents of every refrigerator shelf and cabinet in the kitchen. This dog knows when to step on your foot, reminding you who is the leading taster in the house.

It is impossible not to love a daschie!

Do not be moved by her leather nose and rag ears. This funny Cheburashka always cheers you up with the sight of club-footed paws and a pensive little face. Dachshund always consoles with anxious sensitive eyes when you are sad. She jumps so cheerfully in the morning that there is no other choice: just enjoy the new day with a tailed ball of happiness!

At first, when you have a dachshund, you just start to love it. And soon, you do not like the soul in it. Just a little more, but you catch that gradually you become abnormal … while others remain normal. After some time, you, like the dachshund itself, are already absolutely sure that the normal ones are just you, and the rest… The rest simply do not understand anything about dachshunds!

teaches us to love …

She can make you laugh without making any special efforts – lie on her back, spreading all four paws on all four sides, and goggle mad eyes. Or come, in a duck-like way, spread the crooked front paws and direct a wholly impenetrable but clearly expecting look at you.

Dachshund is a little clown that you can’t help but be moved by. Despite the foolishness, this creature is dire in one question: with all its nature, dachshund loves you… loves you so much that it is impossible not to love dachshund in return.

We teach the dachshund to commands, and the dachshund teaches us to love …

Duke, 5 years old, Dachshund

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