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Scaling teeth is made safer by a special instrument called an ultrasonic scaler. By vibrating tartar off the teeth with this instrument, we cause minimal trauma to the tooth enamel. The rapid manner in which it removes the tartar minimizes anesthetic time and the gentle nature of the scaler allows us to clean beneath the gum line.

A special dental instrument is used to break off larger pieces of tartar before we use the scaler. It enables us to clean the teeth faster, and again to minimize anesthetic time and reduce wear on the ultrasonic scaler tip. This specialized ultrasonic teeth-cleaning scaler is made specifically for animal teeth.

When the tartar is heavy, it takes longer to remove. To minimize any trauma to the tooth’s enamel or gum, we drip additional water on the area being scaled. Without the scaler, the pet’s teeth would require hand scaling, a process that would take substantially longer, might be not so safe