Dogs’ eyelashes

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dogs' long eyelashes

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You can’t get eyelashes like that one on from any make-up artist. Some dogs have up to 6.5 inches long eyelashes! How does it happen?

Women can spend large sums of money having such gorgeous eyelashes, and female dogs get them accessible.

The world record

Although some dogs have eyelashes so long that you can’t call them every day, the world record for the length of eyelashes belongs to a Labradoodle named Ranmar from Japan, whose hair on the upper eyelid reached 6.5 inches! But why, what do woolly ones need them for, and most importantly – what is the secret of such a length?

The answer to mega mascaras is in the dog’s genes. No amount of miracle oil or anything else can help you grow those.

Cocker Spaniels, Yorkshire Terriers, Lhasa Apso, and some other long-haired breeds tend to have to lengthen hair not only on their bodies but also on their upper eyelids. Unlike humans, dogs do not have eyelashes on their lower eyelids.

dogs’ long eyelashes

Purpose of dogs’ eyelashes

However, whatever the length of their eyelashes, their purpose is the same for everyone – to protect the eyes. Dogs often expose themselves to traumatic factors: digging on the ground or running around like madmen. And eyelashes protect the organs of vision from flying dust and small debris.

 But sometimes, the eyelashes on their own can cause injury—especially those most beautiful long eyelashes.

Might cause inflammation

Dirt and glandular secretions accumulate on all eyelashes. If you don’t do regular hygiene, your eyelashes can become a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause inflammation and be the reason for conjunctivitis. Also, long eyelashes can overhang the eye, curl inward and scratch the eyeball surface, which can lead to full or partial vision loss in the future.

Therefore, the dog owner with model eyelashes needs to wipe his pet’s eyes daily with a special lotion. If the hairs on the eyelids grow too strong and cause discomfort to the beloved pet, they can be shortened with scissors. Such a procedure will have to be done regularly – beauty requires sacrifice!