Dental Hygiene for pets. Why it is Necessary?

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Dental hygiene, why it is necessary

Dental hygiene is necessary for your dogs and cats. Let’s try to figure out – why? We decide to pull out some widespread facts that you can easily find online in this short article.

before&after teeth cleaning
before&after teeth cleaning

Here are five reasons why dental hygiene care is necessary:

  • 80% of dogs & 70% of cats have some form of dental disease by 3 years old. (According to the American Veterinary Dental Colledge – AVDC)
  • In addition to the direct consequences of the dental disease, such as: halitosis, tooth loss, periodontal disease; poor oral health plays a major role in overall animal health. The lack of pet dental hygiene care might cause or exacerbat many other health issues, like kidney & heart conditions.
  • Many pets are expoused to various anesthesia risks such as those with medical conditions, or complicated health conditions.
  • Fear of anesthesia risks during dental cleaning is the biggest obstacle to pet’s owners. Every pet owner knows someone who has lost a pet during the anesthesia-based procedure. It’s absolutely horrifiing what suc a drama accerse during a routine procedure, such as pet dental care. This fear is so great that many will forego a necessary dental procedure, allowing treatable conditions to continue to deteriorate.  Standard teeth care procedures have a meager compliance rate.
  • Your local vet practices offering the only anesthesia-based dental hygiene. Most (but not all) of these pet hospitals are limited to disease treatment rather than prophylaxis care & oral maintenance. A dental hygiene program helps advance your dental practice from disease treatments to preventative dental care.

We are working hard to inform pet owners about the importance of dental care. Our crew provides alternative, safe, and gentler ways for pet dental hygiene care. For years, thousands of pet owners have used Smile4Pet cleaning exclusively.

With our support, more and more veterinarians are offering anesthesia-free teeth cleaning.