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New Anesthesia-free Dental Service for Grooming Salons

Anesthesia-Free teeth clening for grooming Salons

About Smile4Pet

At Smile4Pet, we don’t just love pets. We love teeth. We
think dentistry is the most exciting thing on earth. Nothing
thrills us more than to be able to return a dirty, diseased
mouth to health. Its like restoring an old masters painting to
its lustrous beauty

Smile4Pet specializes in professional quality dental cleanings for dogs & cats without the use of anesthetics or drugs. For last 5 years we have been regarded as the premiere provider in this unique field.

Non-anesthetic cleanings offer a safe, affordable alternative to standard anesthetic cleanings.

By combining extensive training and Houndstooth’s gentle, relaxation techniques, our hygienists are able to effectively clean both above & below the gum line. By eliminating the risks of anesthesia, regular dental care can be provided to most pets.

Our specially trained hygienists:

  • are proficient in all areas of dental hygiene, including supra & sub-gingival scaling, hand instrumentation, ultrasonic scaling, polishing & recognition of oral pathology.
  • participate in continuing education in veterinary & human dental hygiene.
  • possess extraordinary animal handling abilities that allow pets to quickly trust & accept he procedure.
  • have backgrounds in animal care, animal behavior and human dental hygiene.
  • embrace a business ethic of professionalism, compassion & client education

About Our Hygienists

All our technicians are skilled in gentle, effective animal handling techniques & pet psychology. We treat all pets & their guardians with respect & compassion, considering each individual pet’s physical & emotional wellbeing. Our constant pursuit of education & knowledge through professional organizations, journals & training assures that our technicians remain informed & current in areas of hygiene, infection control & animal behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Any dog or cat who does not require extractions or have advanced periodontal disease can be eligible for non-anesthetic cleanings. Pets of all ages from young pets needing their first prophy to senior pets whose age or health make them poor anesthetic candidates, high-risk breeds, and any pet whose guardian is resistant to anesthetizing. Our web site has many examples of dental conditions to help clients determine the eligibility of their pet.

Some pets are not candidates for this procedure. However, we have an extremely high success rate, even among pets assumed to be ineligible.

  • Pets who are dangerously aggressive or have advanced cognitive dysfunction are not eligible.
  • Pets with dental complications such as advanced periodontal disease, fractures, mobile teeth, lesions, etc., are referred to the veterinarian for treatment.

 We create a calm, safe environment for the pet to receive a thorough cleaning after being placed in a comfortable position. We use gentle coaxing and patience to put even feisty pets at ease. It is like how a pediatric hygienist would care for a child’s teeth.

We do not use restraining towels or bite bars.

 Absolutely not. This is a voluntary procedure that depends on the pet being at ease.

The results are the same for routine cleanings. Pets with behavioral issues and advanced dental conditions may have some slight compromise. In such cases, most results are 80-95%. Complicated conditions will require more than one appointment to restore oral health.

Yes. We are able to clean all surfaces of the teeth, including below the gum line, but it’s be not like it might be done with anesthesia.

Yes. We adhere to the American Dental Hygienists protocol for polishing.

 We use the same array of equipment as a human hygienist, including hand instruments, ultrasonic & polishers

Scheduling Demos & Clinics

Smile4Pet can provide in-office demonstrations at your convenience. Appointments take approximately 30-45 minutes per dog and 20-30 minutes per cat.

To schedule a demo, please contact us by phone (929) 456-1020 or Email. Offices in southern California can usually be scheduled within a week.
To schedule a clinic, simply contact our office. Together we will choose a time & date that meets your needs.

While monthly clinics are the most popular, some clients prefer more or less frequent scheduling.

We have flat customer fee, but the rates might differ in some areas


Mobile Service in New England Region
MON-FRI 09:00 - 19:00, SAT-SUN 10:00 - 14:00