Our Service

  • Situational consultation 
  • Routine oral hygiene 
  • Prophylaxis dental disease
  • Pre-surgical debridement’s
  • Post-surgical aftercare
  • “QofL” 
  • Situational consultation – Our trained technicians narrowly specialize in the oral health of your pet and can visually determine the condition of its teeth. Sometimes, an appointment with us was schedule to late, and the animal needs dental surgery with the course of antibiotics (a procedure that can be performed only by your treating veterinarian)
  • Routine oral hygiene – Cleaning the teeth with ultrasound, manual cleaning of hard-to-reach places with a scaler, polishing the teeth with specialized abrasive tooth-pastes, the ocean of love and kissing in the wet nose
  • Prophylaxis dental disease -is an important dental treatment for stopping the progression of gingivitis and periodontal disease. Depending on the breed and temperament of your pet, and condition of its teeth, a good practice is to meet with our technicians each 3, 6, or 12 months. Remember about daily home brushing.
  • Pre-surgical debridement – Before each tooth extraction or any oral surgery, the veterinarian performs oral hygiene to minimize the possibility of getting bacteria into the open wound after the operation. This cleaning occurs under anesthesia. There is no need to explain that, the longer the pet is under anesthesia, the higher the risk of unplanned death of your animal. Unfortunately, this happens very often, while simple tooth extraction. Carrying out a tooth cleaning without anesthesia in advance will shorten the time required for the operation and minimizPost-surgical aftercare – Many pets need extra special care after an involved veterinarian dental procedure under anesthesia. A complicated extraction of a single tooth requiring a gingival flap, a full-mouth extraction (most often a cat procedure) or extensive gingivectomies (surgical removal of a portion of the gingiva) can mean delayed healing or prolonged discomfort. In such periods it is critical to maintaining the purity of the animal’s mouth. Our technicians will conduct the necessary hygiene for your pet.
  • “QofL” – Light and gentle teeth cleaning for our elderly dogs & cats severe oral problems.

No matter what kind of service you need, the procedures will be performed with the utmost care and attention to the individual needs of your animal.

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