Dog Breath Fresheners

Dog Breath Fresheners

“Dog breath” is an age old insult, and for good cause. It can be pretty vile — as yours would be if you ate what they do and never brushed your teeth. But could dog breath be a thing of the past, thanks to new products designed to make dog’s kisses smell a little sweeter?

After testing out a range of breath fresheners for dogs, I have to say no. While some products may help a tiny bit for a short time, there’s no cure for dog breath on the market yet. If you really want your dog to have better breath, you need to brush her teeth regularly, preferably every day.

If her breath could still knock you out from 20 paces, that’s a sign of a health problem, and you need help from a veterinarian, not a breath mint.

If you don’t know how to brush or you have a filing that you need a professional for teeth cleaning without anesthesia, please contact us.

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