About Us

Smile4Pet Pet Dental Teeth cleaning without Anesthesia is the service that specializes in providing professional quality dental cleanings for dogs & cats of all breeds without the use of restraining towels, bar, anesthetics or sedative.

Anesthesia Free Pet Dental cleanings offer a safe, affordable alternative to standard anesthetic-based cleanings.

We combine high-level training of our technicians with gentle, relaxation techniques. We are working fast and competent. The safety of the procedure is our highest priority. Our hygienists can clean both above and below the gum line effectively.  We provide regular dental hygiene care for your pet without side-effect after anesthesia, including elderly pets and breeds who are predisposed to a variety of health disorders.

We believe into the “Holistic” (or integrative) veterinary medicine and are sure that for maintaining your pet’s oral health does not require sedatives or complete anesthesia.