About Us

Anesthesia-free Teeth Cleaning is providing professional high-quality dental cleanings for dogs & cats of all breeds and sizes. We don’t use any restraining equipment, anesthetics, or sedative drugs.

Smile4Pet Anesthesia-free Teeth Cleaning offer a safe, affordable alternative to standard anesthetic-based cleanings.

We combine high-level medical training of our technicians with specifically developed unique relaxing techniques.

Our highest priority is the safety of the whole process. Our hygienists are cleaning both above and below the gum line effectively.

We provide regular dental hygiene care for your pet without side-effects after anesthesia, including elderly pets and breeds who are predisposed to a variety of health disorders.

We believe in “Holistic” (or integrative) veterinary medicine. We are sure that maintaining your pet’s oral health does not require sedatives or complete anesthesia.

While having teeth cleaning clinic our main tool is a professional veterinarian ultrasonic scaler.

Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth is one of the most modern and safest ways of professional cleaning of teeth. It consists of removing plaque and stone from the surface of the tooth enamel with a special device (ultrasonic scaler) by means of ultrasonic (high-frequency) vibration on the surface of the tooth.

With the help of an ultrasonic scaler, any dental deposits are removed and the surface of the teeth is completely cleaned, as well as their natural teeth color is restored. Ultrasonic cleaning does not damage the tooth enamel. Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth is necessary prevention of plaque and tartar, which allows you to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Moreover, ultrasonic cleaning of teeth is recommended for bleeding gums, the appearance of bad breath, or caries.

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Smile4pet is a hygenist service. Smile4Pet is not providing:

  • Surgical removal of diseased or overgrown gums
  • Pocket treatment with a periodontics product
  • Guided tissue regeneration surgery
  • Periodontal flap surgery
  • Root planing and subgingival curettage