Cats and 6 more questions about them? | part 2

11 more questions about our cats

Why do cats purr, have a rough tongue; and 11 more questions about our cats?

Why do cats paw their owner?

 Kicking is an instinct. It’s how kittens maul their mother to get a portion of milk. Also, kitties have glands between the pads of their paws, the movement of which produces the smell of the animal.

Why do cats live longer than dogs?

 Cats don’t always live longer than dogs; that’s a myth. Statistically speaking, small breeds of dogs live just as long as kitties and sometimes even longer.

Why do kitties sneeze?

 Cats, like everyone else, can sneeze for a variety of reasons, for example, due to infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract or cancerous processes in the nasal cavity. Often cats sneeze because of dental problems or asthma. This is always a reason to see your doctor.

Do cats cry?

 The crying condition as such does not exist in felines. There is a pathological leakage of tears outside the eyes (or, more precisely, the eyelids). Then an ophthalmologist or dermatologist should be consulted. And only in a group of breeds may be the norm if other pathologies are excluded. Then they need additional hygiene.

Why do cats need whiskers?

 Whiskers, or rather vibrissae, are the sensory organs of felines. With their help, they can orient themselves perfectly in total darkness.

Why do Kitties need a rough tongue?

 Unique tufts on the tongue create roughness on the tongue. So they lubricate the coat with a fantastic secret that protects it from moisture and dirt and contains the cat’s scent.

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